About Us & Contact - Himalayan, Persian, and Exotic SH (Shorthair) Cats and Kittens of Augusta GA

Danielsdencats is a PKD negative and CFA registered cattery located in Augusta, Georgia. We specialize in both Traditional doll-faced  Himalayans and Extreme show Peke-faced Himalayans.

In 2001, we purchased  two doll-faced Himalayan kittens, to be pets, from a local breeder.  They came from different bloodlines. I named them Samson and of course, Delilah. With no intention of becoming a  “breeder”, I desired only to mate the pair one time to produce at least one good kitten to give to a recovering cancer child in Athens, Georgia.  Well…..Ten years later, 60+ litters and 200+ kittens, Danielsdencats is a reality.

In 2011, we changed direction for the cattery and invested in six Traditional Himalayans from champion bloodlines, offering not only the highest pet quality doll-faced kittens we have offered for years but also show and breeder quality Traditional (peak-faced) Himalayan kittens.
Our babies are raised in a non-kennel home enviorment with tender loving care and are well socialized. I call them “lap-trained"!  They are then adopted by well-qualified loving homes with written contracts and health certificates.  All of our kittens are sold as pets.  Breeding rights are available to qualified catteries.  Please inquire.

Our Traditional (peak-faced) Himalayans come from National and Regional winning, Grand Champion and Distinguished Merritt Bloodlines. Six generation pedigrees are available on all our breeding Traditional cats. We are forever grateful to the wonderful breeders that have trusted us with their cats and bloodlines.

Many thanks to our friends and mentors that have been a wealth of knowledge in helping Danielsdencats be the best it can be. And also, most of all, many thanks to all of our adoptive parents that have loved and cared for our babies and kept in touch over the years.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website, maybe somewhere over the rainbow at Danielsdencats  is a new kitten waiting for you.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am available by contact form below, E-mail, text, and my favorite, by phone.


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